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Born in a mountainous area of Japan, Ilchibuko Todd has always loved spending time in nature to feel freedom within the trees, water, and rocks through nature’s energy. Todd eventually carved her way into the biotech field, where she gained great success. At the height of her career, although she felt she had attained everything she wanted, she was left feeling empty inside. This sense of emptiness sparked her journey inward towards the spiritual world to become a Tao Master. Through her own experience of growth, she now guides others to self healing mastery through mindful living.

She has worked extensively in Hawaii to share lectures and teach community classes in her efforts to create a positive change in the local community to help others like her who have ever felt a sense of emptiness inside. At the core of her teachings, she believes that people can find their True Selves by immersing themselves in Tao, and that the principles of Tao, the cosmic law of the universe to find a path into living a true and authentic life. Todd longs to share her awakening for positive social change with the world.

Tao Master Healer Ilchibuko Todd is the President of Sedona Mago Retreat, a 501(c)(3) non-profit wellness retreat center located in a national forest of Sedona, AZ, that provides customized spiritual retreats for groups and individuals.

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