“Everything that I do…books I write, workshops, lectures, videos, meditations, blogs, private sessions…they all point to one pivotal decision every human must make: Climb the mountain or take the elevator.

Rebecca Tinkle is an award winning spiritual fiction author, Huffington Post blogger, energy master, intuitive lifestyle expert and teacher-of-the-spirit who specializes in releasing the emotional trauma that gets in the way of the most authentic expression of the true self. In her talks and lectures, she share tips on how to turn a life that “doesn’t look good on paper” into a rich and satisfying story of triumph, tenacity, and authenticity that will not only inspire you but those around you as well.

We all have our story. And we all have parts of our history that still hurt us or hold us back. But we also have something else… we have the unique and innate greatness of our original human spirit. This is the place that exists beneath the static of daily life, below our array of self (and world) defining thought, below the personality, below our past experiences… it is a goldmine of genius, creative power, independence and ultimate self love that can usually be found at the exact place where your unique characteristics and “so-called flaws” exist. This is the valley of our human existence that most men fear to tread, and, ironically, it’s the place where the elevator to the proverbial mountaintop of human consciousness exists.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, singer and actress from The Sopranos describes my most recent book The Secret of Mago Castle as, “A book that touched my heart. Remembering who we really are is our greatest task in life and this book is a wonderful reminder of that.”


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